Our Lady, queen of All Saints

4th April 2007


Designed and made with much love and prayer by

Mary & Caroline Mullins, Valley Rose Designer Glass Studio

for Our Lady and the parish family of All Saints Catholic Church, Twain Harte

in collaboration with Fr. John Fitzgerald, Pastor of All Saints Catholic Church



Explanation of Symbols


  Our Lady is presented in the absolute center of the window, dressed as a queen in a white robe with rose gold and blue accents on her garments. Her Immaculate Heart, pierced by a sword and burning with love, is also visible. The garland of roses surrounding her Immaculate Heart is shown in crushed glass. On her head, a crown of gold, with central band in crushed glass and a nimbus halo represent her role as Queen of Heaven. Her face is represented in the style of the Eastern Church icons with very large eyes that search the soul and small, delicate mouth and nose. Her hands are open with the palms up, a prayerful gesture that also seeks to reach out to us, her children. At her feet are wild periwinkles which grow in the Sierra’s. The flowers are purple and have five petals. The various purple hues represent the various little and large sufferings and trials that each of us encounter in life. The five petals represent the five wounds that Christ received on the Cross and also represent the daily crosses that each one of us has to carry.


  The colors around Our Lady begin in deep, dark blue, graduating to sky blue and then to blue green. These colors represent heaven and earth and acknowledge God’s gift to us of Our Lady as Our Heavenly Mother, loving model of true discipleship and our intercessor.


  Surrounding Our Lady is a gold quatrefoil, or body halo; another symbol of her sanctity. The quatrefoil is surrounded by a large white circle, a symbol of God’s never ending love for us. The quarter sections between the quatrefoil and the circle represent the four corners of the Earth while the clear mosaic crystals in each section represent the light that comes to us from the Word of God in the four Gospels.


  Radiating out from the white circle are arms which represent the Cross. We have used red, white and crystal in the arms of the cross, in the circle and the sections surrounding the gold quatrefoil to represent God’s Divine Mercy and all prevailing love for us.


  The arms of the cross divide the sky into four sections in which we have four symbols that pertain directly to Our Lady.


  One of the best known litanies honoring Our Lady is the Litany of Loreto. In this litany, she is honored under the titles of the Mystical Rose, the Arc of the Covenant and the Morning Star. The image of an M surmounted by a Cross is found on the back of the Miraculous Medal. This medal was commissioned by Our Lady during a series of visions to St. Catherine Labore, a Daughter of Charity, in Paris, France in 1830. . These four symbols are bordered in iridescent colors with several shades of blue to again represent both heaven and eternity.


  The left and right hand side panels show the mountains and trees surrounding the town of Twain Harte. The large tree is modeled after one of the trees on the parish grounds. The wild periwinkles are again shown as part of the local terrain and to compliment the wildflowers at Our Lady’s feet. The right panel shows the sky at sunrise and left panel shows the sky at sunset. This represents Our Lady’s love and maternal protection for each of us from the beginning to the end of our earthly life. The stars in the sky above represent eternity and our hope of spending eternity in Heaven in the company of the Lord, Our Lady and the whole communion of saints.


  The borders of the windows are edged in crystal bevels and a crystal, pine needle texture. This clarity allows the outside to come in, a representation that God has blessed us in every thing and is with us in everything. The deep purple border represents both the royalty of Christ and what he suffered for our salvation. It is also a reminder that he never leaves us alone, that our sufferings, if endured with love and fidelity to Christ will one day bring us into the company of all saints.



Mary Mullins

Valley Rose Designer Glass Studio

Modesto, California

April 2007





Little Technical Bits and Pieces


16.7 square feet of glass

45 colors

1174 individual pieces

638 feet of antique style lead